Scar Power

Shortly after I finished writing this essay about the symbolism of scars, I wiped out on my bike and ended up with five stitches in my chin—and a brand new scar. I mentioned it to the ER surgeon as he scraped the asphalt from the wound and sewed it up. “You should have written about winning the lottery,” he said. The next day, I emailed the editor assigned to my piece and told her about the coincidence. Then I Googled her, never having worked with her before. “Magazine Editor Wins $100,000 Instant Top Prize,” the headline read. She’d won the lottery. What does it all mean?

6 Responses to “Scar Power”

  1. Nabil R says:

    It means Paulo Coelho wasn’t messing around when he wrote The Alchemist on the year I was born.

  2. Paula Ruiz- White says:

    Maybe it doesn’t mean anything other than you deserve it. Not the falling off the bike and getting another scar (I have enough of those)the world knows! But maybe, just maybe, with all the educating in your writings that you have written and showed us things we never knew such as the “The Blue Tattoo”, which btw, I was unaware of and an Arizona native until you came along, you deserve the $100,000! Take it and enjoy it. Just accept it and let it be. The Gods think so! I am not such a good writter as yourself but I am trying to write what I know about family history with the Spanish and Mexicans fighting off my family and killing them. It was Geronimo and his warriors. Some man named Santos Vegas wrote about our family in Tempe and the book was called “Mexicans in Tempe”. My other family came frome Globe and most were murdered by Geronimo. My great-great-great uncle was 5 and told to hide in the sage bushes until the attack was over.He saw his father and mother and sisters murdered and then the indians took everything. He then walked to a family named the Cooks and survived and they raised him. I have been doing my homework and getting facts. Any suggestions you can give would be great. I know you are busy. I loved “The Blue Tattoo”. I am Mormon and have native american as well (mission indian from California called the Tongva tribe which is unrecognized). You are a great writter Miss Margot, don’t doubt yourself and you deserve the money. Somebody up there likes you! I know I do! Sincerely, Paula Ruiz White

    P.S. Sorry for the grammer and writing.

  3. Helen says:

    Oh my what an odd reponse. How is the scar and are you using the ve oil? Love h

  4. margot.mifflin says:

    Following your instructions with vitamin e!

  5. margot.mifflin says:

    Paula, The thing is, it was my editor, not me who won the lottery! But thanks your sentiments, and I’m delighted you enjoyed the book.

  6. Paula Ruiz- White says:

    Okay, I see I misspelled writer (writter)and made a ton of other errors for that I apologize. It is bothering me so I had to add this. I may have made even more errors doing this little comment!


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