Bodies of Subversion 2: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo

With 100 new photos (including Janis Joplin, Natasha Kai, and Margaret Cho) additional historical information, and a chapter on tattooing trends in the new millennium, the updated Bodies is virtually a new book. Of interest: new applications such as therapeutic tattoos used for women coming out of gangs, prisons, and situations of domestic abuse; the impact of reality shows on the industry; passages on a heavily tattooed Lutheran pastor, a performance artist covered with holocaust imagery, new artists from Virginia Elwood to cover artist Roxx, and Shelley Jackson’s “Skin” project.

“In this provocative work full of intriguing female characters from tattoo history, Margot Mifflin makes a persuasive case for the tattooed woman as an emblem of female self-expression.”
–Susan Faludi

“…Essential reading for anyone interested in the subject.”
–Ed Hardy

“…Insightfully chronicles the saga of skin as signage…”
–Barbara Kruger

“Perceptive and moving…insinuating and complex….’Bodies of Subversion’ is delicious social history.”
—Dwight Garner, The New York Times

“Margot Mifflin has done the work of preserving and bringing to life this history of western women’s tattoo in her book…it’s brimming with interesting tales flanked by even more interesting images.”
–Boing Boing

“More than just a photographic history of this deep subculture. It is a close study of women during a period of historic limitations and social mobility, beginning to break barriers by exploring alternative ideas of beauty and self expression.”

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